Garden Shears Lawn and Hedge Shears

garden shears

Garden Shears are one of the most used garden tools in the garden. Some confusion exists around the correct terminology for Garden Shears sometimes referred to as:- Pruning Shears Hedging Shears Lawn Shears Secateurs If you have hedges or areas of grass that a mower or motorised hedge trimmer cannot reach and … Continue reading

Some great garden edging selections

garden edging

We are always looking for ways to provide the best visual appearance to our garden edging once found then we need to source the required garden edging products. Below you will find a list of the more popular edgings used in gardens. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC … Continue reading

Why you might choose Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking

One of the most beautiful types of wood in the world is hardwood and there is no place that it is more pleasing on the eye than when used for your garden decking boards. If your current timber decking has cracks and is otherwise in disrepair or you are thinking … Continue reading

How to set up and sharpen Felco pruners secateurs

How to set up and sharpen Felco pruners secateurs

A very good video demonstration on how to set up, sharpen and clean your  pruners secateurs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. … Continue reading

Equipment for Sowing Seeds

sowing seeds

Sowing seeds is a fantastic opportunity for gardeners to not only get many more plants for your money but also, more importantly, gives you the chance to discover something new – A new colour perhaps. Species seed will often produce, depending on the parents, a diverse range of characteristics. Here … Continue reading

Your Trusty Garden Trowel

garden trowel

The trusty garden trowel is the one must have gardening tool that should always be available to you and is essential on any garden tool list. Here is a great selection from the top garden trowel brands. Fiskars, Radius Garden, Ames True Temper, Garden Trowel, Wilcox, OXO, Truper, Corona Clipper, Brook & Hunter, Bosmere, Nisaku, Black & Decker, Amico, Gardena is a … Continue reading

Manual Pole Saw Pruning Techniques

Manual Pole Saw Pruning Techniques

A good instructional manual pole saw video with plenty of useful tips. Here, Gary explains proper technique of using a pole saw with four or more extensions. Using the flexure of the saw to add power to the cutting stroke reduces fatigue on the arborist. is a participant in … Continue reading

Garden Stones and Landscaping Rocks in the garden

Garden stone

Knowing the difference between garden stones and landscaping rocks will most likely depend on the extent of your gardening stone and rock knowledge. It can get mighty confusing! This image, Garden stones, cobbles, boulders, pebbles or landscape rocks? – You decide… In the UK, when we talk of garden stones, sometimes … Continue reading

Composite Decking the new trend in Garden Decking

Composite decking

Are you immersed in decking designs for building a deck and searching for decking ideas? Maybe you are still considering a new area of garden decking or you have had a harsh experience with traditional timber decking? It could lead you to the exciting alternatives making up the new trend in … Continue reading

Discover the Right Felco Secateurs

Felco secateurs 2

Discover the Right Felco Secateurs or if you prefer, Felco Pruners If you are gardener sooner or later you will find yourself in need of a pair of good quality secateurs. Which pair of secateurs pruners would you want in your gardening hand? Honestly, if you are just starting out in gardening … Continue reading