Make choosing the right Garden tools, supplies and equipment for your garden…easy!

Gardening becomes much simpler, a lot easier on the back and quicker if you choose the right garden tools and equipment for the job.

felco secateurs guideDiscover the Best Gardening Tools and Equipment

It’s your Garden and you’ll need some trusty Garden Tools at your side. You may be thinking, any ol’ garden tool will do the job but that’s not always the case and since you are reading this you must be someone that plans ahead.

Ordering your garden equipment and supplies online has never been easier

If it’s not just the gardening hand tools you are looking for, don’t forget everything is available online, from the garden labels you use to name your plants through to the larger powered gardening equipment like ride on lawnmowers.

The good thing about buying online is that everything is now so straightforward, easy to search, easy to find out what others are saying about a particular piece of equipment and easy to order – All that and it will be delivered to your door.

Your Essential Garden Tools

garden toolsThere will always be some debate as to what makes the essential garden tools selection. There are a number of different tools that most gardeners agree form the basis of the tool shed, fork, spade and secateurs usually placed in most gardeners lists.

These essential gardening tools, between them are extremely useful for almost every aspect of gardening. Each  gardening tool will have a specific purpose and you should look into the proper methods on how to use it correctly and to best effect.

When you use these tools correctly you not only make your life so much easier, you also end up with increased garden productivity as well.

Below is a list, with these garden tools you will be suitably equipped and there will be virtually no limit to what you as a gardener can do. Not all are required from the start but the more you can acquire, the easier your gardening experiences will become.

These six items make up the more important garden tools selection.

These three additional gardening tools will make your gardening life all the sweeter.

You will probably want to begin with a garden fork that will help break up the lower harder soil types, ensuring that the roots have somewhere to go and can also be used to dig out those weed tap roots, lifting plants or just ‘spiking’ the lawn.

The garden hoe is used for weeding and cultivating the upper surface of the soil area.

The garden spade will turn over the soil and in addition can be used for cutting or slicing through soil, plants and lawn as well as slicing through weeds. There are many other uses for the garden spade it can be used to spread out soil, fertilizer, bark and no end of other materials used in the garden. 

The garden rake, a relatively simple garden tool can be used for levelling and to spread various materials and when the leaves start falling the garden rake can also be used for gathering up and clearing.

The secateurs, also called pruning shears can be used to cut back unruly branches (up to about 2 centimetres in diameter) Secateurs are especially useful for those interested in shaping their plants. Ratchet secateurs are available, these take any hard work out of pruning.

The garden trowel is used for digging out smaller areas of soil, for planting smaller plants including herbaceous, bedding and smaller shrubs.

Keep in mind that these gardening tools must be maintained. Ideally this means that each of the garden tools should be cleaned after every use, especially if they have been used where any chemicals were sprayed or used to deal in any way with diseased plants.

Sometimes carrying them from one area of the garden or from one plant to another may not always be in your best interest.

Cleaning Tip: An oily rag will be one of your best allies, especially as it can be used to keep your garden tools waterproofed and also helping to keep the metal surfaces rust free.

Oh, and one other essential requirement in the garden – A pair of good quality gardening gloves

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