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5 Beautiful Flowers You Can Plant Around Your Garden

flowerA few gardeners are dazzled by perennials, why, because they come in a variety of colors, sizes and bloom type.

Others are attracted to the beautiful collection of annual flowers for a burst of amazing colors throughout the growing season. Furthermore, we’ve seen roses attracting gardeners for centuries.

But whatever you choose, or if you love them all, this article will help inspire you on the top 5 beautiful flowers you can plant around your garden.

If you really want to plant visually perfect annuals, bulbs, perennials and roses.
First realize that breeders produce new varieties of many of the above flowers every year, which means that you have to seek guidance first before embarking on your mission to plant these beautiful flowers around your garden.
Some have better disease resistance, while others have sparkling colors and habits to watch out for.
So, if you want the latest and greatest in your garden, you better keep reading:

1. Marigolds

Not only are they beautiful, but they are also very easy to start from seeds. You can start planting them in a container or straight into your home garden. If you intend to grow marigolds for their bug-repellent qualities, choose the older varieties.

2. Cosmos

Plenty of seed choice available and very showy and pretty to look at and that means every yard or garden on planet should have them. They do well in poor soils, and their blooms make perfect cut flowers. If you’d love an instant color theme in your garden, these flowers will just give you the perfect solution.

3. Nasturtium

The nasturtium seeds, when prepared for planting are referred to as ”The poor man’s capers’’. The good thing about this flower is that it’s edible. The young foliage and flowers make excellent ingredients for salads. They also come in a variety of colors, including white, red, yellow and pink. Once they are established in your yard or garden, they will spread very easily by self seeding, and they require very little maintenance. They won’t take much of your time to look after. Can be prone to Blackfly attack.

4. Zinnia

The seeds are so easy to germinate once the soil catches some warmth. So you don’t need to grow them indoors before transferring them to your garden, sow the seeds directly in the garden space.
Zinnia’s color collection of pink and yellow at the center will present you with the best option ever.

5. Sunflowers

Here’s another great option for your garden because they consume very little space in your yard, they just grow up and up. They grow taller than wider, and that makes them a favorite choice for people who want a little bit of sunflower yellow in their yards. If you plant them near cucumbers, they’ll help keep the pests away.
Some say you can also intersperse sunflowers with corn to improve yield. Their yellow colors make them as beautiful as sunset. You can’t go wrong with sunflowers. Plenty of seed choice available.

The list above is by no means comprehensive. There are plenty more different flowers you can plant in your garden, and they will all look beautiful.
If you are a garden enthusiast, don’t hold back because you have so many options to try your hands on. Take advantage of that little space in your backyard and see the visual magic that beautiful flowers bring, especially if you grow them from seed.

Image credit:  PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Hair-Vicknair, Artist

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