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5 Herbs You Can Easily Grow Indoors

basilIndoor gardening takes a new dimension each every time as people are increasingly becoming innovative on the best herbs to grow indoors and the methods with which they grow.

Indoor grown herbs (Try these)and vegetables can surprisingly, require very limited space and are nearly always grown in containers.

One of the issues surrounding growing herbs indoors is deciding which herbs are best – for growing indoors.

Rosemary is everyone’s desired herb with a strong sweet scent. It grows easily and retains its scent throughout all seasons, requires less care and is hardly attacked by pests.
Rosemary is a wonderful choice for spicing different meals and drinks, it also helps memory and concentration, improves mood and sweetens breath.
It comes in both trailing and upright forms and even though it requires relatively dry conditions, the soil must not run too dry though.
Rosemary has many different uses and is hardly disturbed by insects or attacked by pests. You can gain double benefit from each rosemary harvest since the stems are ideal for making great skewers and the leaves have a plethora of uses including food flavouring, medicinal, etc. Can be grown from seed. For a great choice on Rosemary seed available online.

Chives are well known due to their grassy attribute. Most grow them for their leaves and blooms that are added to salads, cheese dishes, mashed potatoes, eggs, sandwich spreads and sauces. Chive flowers too are edible and commonly used in salads. They require a well drained soil and ample sunshine for best yields. Easily grown from seed. For a great choice on Chive seed available online

Thyme is among the undervalued herbs since most gardeners will plant it more for visual effect and then forget to use it as an edible herb.
It is however valuable among all other herbs and has myriad uses.
Thyme leaves both fresh and dry can be rubbed into beef, veal, pork and lamb before roasting. Also, thyme can be sprinkled over eggs, vegetables, and different stews for a delicious tasty meal. Thyme plants are easy to plant and maintain only requiring a container and minimal watering all round.
However, plenty of trimming is required, making it perfect for use in cooking.

Without this regular trimming, after a few years it may need to be removed since it tends to become woody over time.
Thyme makes a perfect combination when brewed into tea together with rosemary and mint. Easily grown from seed. For a great choice on Thyme seed available online

Cilantro (Coriander) is a spicy herb with a tangy leaves and seeds best suited for using in cooking. It grows relatively fast and requires less care than many other indoor herbs. Having an array of uses, Cilantro will supply you with seeds and you can confidently use them for almost every type of cooking, salads, beans, mushrooms etc. It grows well in a container and grows well in sunny conditions. Easily grown from seed. For a great choice on Cilantro (Coriander) seed available online

Sage has had a great many uses for a long time. It is a herb that requires some tending to unlike some of the other herbs. It needs to be cut often to avoid being woody at an early stage. Ideally, after the third year, the sage plant needs to be replanted again. It has great uses as its dried leaves can be used with mushroom, steaks, burgers, mashed potatoes, beans and chicken or turkey marinade etc.
Conventionally the dried leaves were and still today used as an element in poultry stuffing. It is simple to grow and just requires plenty of light and a well drained soil. Can be grown from seed. For a great choice on Sage seed available online

It’s worth noting you cannot just wake up one day and begin indoor gardening.
A few concepts must be learnt and understood to facilitate successful indoor gardening.

Additional research learning coupled with practicals will help you become a successful indoor herb grower. All these herbs can easily be grown from seed.

Extra bonus – Whilst looking for a suitable image, I came across the one used above – It’s Basil, so really this list should refer to 6 Herbs you can easily grow indoors – Find your online Basil seed here

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