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You Building a Deck? – You need Decking Ideas

If you are building a deck you will most certainly need decking ideas

Garden decking has grown in popularity over recent years with many of us wanting to bring our living spaces outside and create an oasis of calm from the busy lives we all lead.

Bungalow with Veranda decking

I experienced decking in the garden back in the 1950’s albeit in a way probably not considered today to be garden decking. It was Veranda decking, made from wood, it went across the front of my grandmothers bungalow, with the roof of the bungalow extended out over it.

On the (Verandah) Veranda decking was placed a couple of chairs and a small occasional table, two or three plants in what I remember as being old paint tins, it was a very pleasant place to sit out on in the summer, especially in the evenings.

Today however the garden deck plans, decking ideas, deck designs and the building a deck options available to you may seem endless.

When all you really want is an area of garden decking constructed in the best and most pleasing on the eye way for your needs.

How to build a deck

The most common and cheap decking option available for garden decking is pressure treated lumber (timber), which is the most commonly used garden decking material in the U.S.

This form of garden deck design is simple to cut and treated with chemicals to ensure your deck remains rot, pest and stain free.

If you decide to choose pressure treated lumber as an option it is important to know that the deck should be cleaned and coated each year to avoid cracking and splintering.

A choice growing in popularity for garden decking is the lumber group known as tropical hardwood decking, which includes Ipe and Philippine Mahogany.

If you make this choice for your deck your garden decking will have a richer natural colour that is often more durable than pressure treated lumber.

Tropical hardwood decking can be difficult to stain and is more expensive than other forms of decking materials.

A growing trend worth considering for your garden decking is the use of composite decking materials made from wood fibres and recycled plastic, or manufactured completely from recycled plastic materials.

This choice is popular for newly constructed decking as it does not rot, decay or be affected by bugs boring into the material.

Composite decking materials offer different choices for your decking, much like aluminium, which is also growing in popularity for deck use.

Many of us are scared of using aluminium as we feel the heat of the summer sun will make it too hot to stand on, but aluminium is resistant to the heat of the summer and remains cool on the hottest days.

Interlocking aluminium decking boards contain drainage channels and holes to remove water from the surface and do not require much maintenance, unfortunately though, this is also the most expensive option for the garden decking you are planning.

Above all else make sure if doing this work yourself that you have some reliable garden tools.

Sometimes you can find some great pictorial garden decking ideas for building a deck in the strangest of places. An online estate agent (realtor) UK website.

More pictorial garden decking ideas from an Australian Estate Agent

It’s time to dust off your inspiration cap and take a look at some of the most fabulous, functional garden decking designs you’ve ever seen.

Decking calculator

How to build a deck – PDF Illustrated and easy to follow instructional guides help in building a deck.

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