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Which are the Easiest Fruits and Vegetables to Grow?

carrotsIf you are a die-hard vegan, then you have probably at one time or another wanted to plant your own garden.
It is, however a rather tricky endeavor, and it can be quite disheartening when you can’t keep your plants alive.
It could be that you were attempting to grow plants that only do well in certain parts of the world, or specific seasonal plants that only do well at particular times.

To help you plant and maintain your garden, here are some of the easiest fruits and vegetables to grow and the seed is readily available and fairly easy to sow and grow on.

1. Carrots

This tasty vegetable will grow in almost any kind of soil including rocky soil. However, carrots grown in rocky soil may tend to grow crooked, but they will still taste awesome. They require direct sunlight and watering at least once a day and you will be good to go. There are a number of varieties you can try including Scarlet Nantes, Sweet treat or Danvers half Long. Seed available.

2. Beans

A nutritious legume that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, beans will grow in almost any kind of soil. You can plant them all year round, but certain varieties such as Dwarf French beans are seasonal. They are easy to grow and do not require much attention apart from the occasional weeding and regular watering. Some varieties will however require support so before you settle on a bean variant you may want to find out specifics. Beans are great with anything from rice to corn bread. Seed available.

3. Onions

This is one of the easiest plants to grow. You practically stick the plant sets (small onion bulbs) in the ground during spring, and you can harvest them by the end of summer. You can experiment with a variety of onions including pickling, shallots or spring onions. If you grow a large number crop, you can store them away and they can keep for months. Seed available.

4. Strawberries

They make a great salad, appetizer or snack and are also very easy to grow. This fruit is very versatile and will do well in a pot, garden or even a hanging basket. You simply buy it as a young plant and you will have some great tasting fruits in a matter of weeks. They require very little care and to check if they need to be watered, simply poke your finger in the soil. Seeds here.

5. Tomatoes

Grown as both a fruit and a vegetable, tomatoes can be grown in a basket or a container. They require no side shooting or training and are ideal for a kitchen garden, a patio or greenhouse. You will want to plant your cherry potatoes between February and April so you can start harvesting from June. They, however require direct sunlight, and you may also want to consider growing them alongside some French marigolds to deter pests. Seed supply here.

6. Pumpkins.

Apart from being used as a Halloween decoration, pumpkins are great tasting vegetables that super fun to grow. You can choose from a variety of pumpkin species, but the most common grown are the giant pumpkins which are perfect for carving as well. You simply plant them 3 feet in the ground and water regularly and you should have great looking pumpkins by Halloween. Even the seeds are great tasting when roasted. Find seed here.

Image Source:  Salim Virji

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