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The Versatile Garden Hoe

The Versatile and ever changing Garden Hoe

There are many types of Garden Hoe.

The Dutch hoe and the Stirrup hoe, sometimes called the Draw hoe (push and pull action) probably being the most popular and widely used.

Each one has a different shape, but they all do what they are primarily used for – They get the weeds.

Most come with a long straight wooden, sometimes metal, plastic or fibreglass handle but some have short handles.

On the rightJoseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe

Designed to work on the soil each garden hoe has its advantages, working the soil in its own special way

The hoe has been used in fields around the world in some form or another for centuries. Drawings throughout history show labourers in fields, working with the garden hoe.

Despite technology, working with this garden hand tool is still one of the best ways to take care of a garden. It is even considered by some to be a relaxing pastime and if the soil stays loose and weed free, your plants will flourish.

Hoeing, I’d long since found was a marvellous antidote for stress and worry and frustration. Given a dry soil surface and with the help of sun and wind, it was a very satisfying exercise. One could see weeds wilting as row by row the bed was covered. One could also feel vindictive towards the weeds as the aggressors and spoilers of the plants, as an act of liberation. And if one knows that the cause of ones’ stress had still to be tackled, the mind clears the way towards getting to grips. The act of hoeing was equally helpful where patience or even acceptance of a nagging worry would not go away.
Taken from The Story of Bressingham Alan Bloom.

The basic garden hoe has a long handle and is the tool most gardeners work with. The garden hoe is easy to use for short or tall people as the handle being long, the hand grip can be adjusted.

This longer handle stops uncomfortable back bending, breaks up soil and removes weeds easily. The garden hoe helps the gardener maintain their vegetable patches or flower beds.

The many styles of hoe all work fine, they all make the gardening and the weeding easier.

Truper 33571 Tru Pro 7-Inch Forged Onion Hoe, Ash Handle, 51-Inch

There are many types and styles of garden hoe including speciality hoes:

All in all way too many to mention here coming from all corners of the world. Each with its own peculiarities and advantages but best of all designed in such a way to aid the gardener.

Anyone considering themselves a gardener uses a hoe, one of the most essential garden tools in the gardeners tool kit.

Whether you are using it solely to keep the weeds under control or using it to make seed drills (using the corner of the hoe to pull out a small furrow line for sowing seeds into) on your vegetable patch and annual flower beds or just using it to push and pull the top soil around it is inexpensive, sturdy and has a thousand and one uses in and around the garden.

Selection of garden hoe

Image by: Robert T Bell

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