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The Gardex Leaf Scoops

Product Name:Gardex Leaf Scoops
Features:Durable plastic, supplied in pairs, serrated enhances performance
The Gardex Leaf Scoops
Make life easier for yourself with the Gardex Leaf Scoops - Clear those leaves in a jiffy!

Unless you are a small child who likes kicking up and running through them, fallen leaves can be a real nuisance.

They not only make the yard look messy but can make driveways and sidewalks slippery and dangerous.

Clearing leaves can be a tedious job especially when it comes to bagging them up for disposal. Now with the ingenious Gardex Leaf Scoops  this job is made a lot simpler and much less of a chore.

You are provided with two scoops each of which is semi circular with one serrated, but not sharp, edge. This serrated edge is the key feature that allows you to pick up debris such as leaves, twigs and grass cuttings far more easily.

If you imagine when using a dustpan and brush the flat edge of the dustpan means there is always some waste left on the floor.

With the serrated edges every last piece is scooped up. As they come in a pair you can place one in each hand when bagging leaves; much more effective than using your hands alone.

The high impact plastic means the garden scoops are durable and long lasting and being bright yellow means they are hard to lose amongst the leaves!

Specification for the Gardex Leaf Scoops

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 13 x 15 x 4 inches

Features: Durable plastic, supplied in pairs, serrated enhances performance

5 Pros

  1. Serrated edge means every last leaves and twig are picked up
  2. Supplied in pairs so you have one for each hand
  3. Durable plastic makes them long lasting
  4. Bright colour ensures they are hard to lose amongst garden waste
  5. Manufactured in the USA using good quality materials

5 Cons

  1. Measuring 15 inches across they may not be as easy to handle for those with small hands
  2. Without wearing gloves some people have found the leaf scoops become uncomfortable to use after a while
  3. The flexible nature of the product can mean they are a little too flimsy to scoop up yard items such as conkers, apples or small stones
  4. The serrated edge is straight making it difficult to collect debris against walls and fences
  5. Can be awkward to use when first getting used to using them instead of your hands

To use the scoops you just slip your hands through the small handle on the reverse and get started.

A good tip is to wear a pair of gloves to make them even more comfortable to use although the handles are probably not big enough to fit large hands with thick gloves so bear that in mind.

Although the design is simple is it extremely effective. You are essentially giving yourself a pair of large, rigid hands to enable yourself to cover more ground at a quicker pace.

So, for anyone out there frustrated with the tediousness of the annual leaf clean up, do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of Gardex Leaf Scoops.

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Make life easier for yourself with the Gardex Leaf Scoops - Clear those leaves in a jiffy!

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