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Let the All New Square Foot Gardening Book show you the way

Product Name:All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition
Features:Updated revised edition, reference book suitable for all abilities
Let the All New Square Foot Gardening Book show you the way
Let the All New Square Foot Gardening Book Show You How - Bestseller

I thought long and hard on whether I should include a book on gardening. However, this gardening book addresses the problem many of us face – Lack of space.

We all enjoy a bit of gardening but many of us are not blessed with copious amounts of garden space to grow what we would like

With garden space being an issue for lots of gardeners the ingenious method of square foot gardening can be the answer to all your problems!

The method, created by Mel Bartholomew, a retired engineer, has won worldwide acclaim and this new revised edition of his book, all new square foot gardening, will help anyone get to grips with utilizing garden space when it is at a premium.

The premise of square foot gardening is extremely simple. Just create a basic raised box with a grid to form square foot sections.

This tried and tested grid method is not only far simpler than traditional row planting but can produce up to triple the yield.

You create a soil mix of three basic ingredients and that’s it! As the box is raised there is no need to dig up your garden, it will rarely need weeding and as this is an organic method no fertilizer is used.

All you need to do is water and watch the results!

The beauty of square foot gardening is the fact it can be done anywhere; small gardens, an empty unused corner, even a balcony.

For ease of access, this gardening method is hard to beat. Plus, it is so simple to grasp it is suitable for any age and ability.

Specifications for the All New Square Foot Gardening Book

Author: Mel Bartholomew
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Dimensions: 7 x 0.6 x 10 inches

Features: Updated revised edition, reference book suitable for all abilities

5 Pros

  1. New updated version of the book makes ten major improvements on the SFG method
  2. Informative sections on vertical gardening, pest control and gardening with children
  3. Shows you how to use the minimum amount of seeds so no wastage
  4. Updated section on selecting materials
  5. Clear, easy to understand language makes it simple to follow

5 Cons

  1. Many readers have found that vermiculite, one ingredient for the soil mix, is harder to come by than the author would suggest
  2. Content is informative but can come across as repetitive
  3. New edition does not feature information on specific plants that was in previous edition
  4. Some information on planting charts has been found to be incorrect
  5. This issue will differ from person to person but some reviews have suggested that whilst the content was useful the tone of the author was a little preachy.

Since creating the method over 30 years ago, millions of gardeners have benefitted from the simplicity of square foot gardening.
The fact no heavy tools are required and there is no need for tilling (something many gardeners find tedious) makes it the perfect solution to your gardening niggles.

So, for anyone with a small garden, fed up with digging or new to the gardening world let the all new square foot gardening show you the way and see your garden flourish!

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Let the All New Square Foot Gardening Book Show You How - Bestseller

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