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The Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set

Product Name:Plant Nanny 6051. 4 Count Wine Bottle Stake Set
Brand:Plant Nanny
Features:Set of 4 ceramic stakes, used to recycle wine bottle into plant watering system
The Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set
A great Eco gardening gift - The Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set

If, like so many of us, you find it hard to remember to water your plants or are worried how they will get watered when you are away there is an inexpensive, creative solution.

Plant Nanny has created an ingenious method of recycling wine bottles into a drip irrigation device with just a terracotta stake.

The stakes are designed to release the correct amount of water into the soil as needed providing a constant supply of water to your plants.

As the soil absorbs the water the Plant Nanny releases more into the roots as opposed to watering the surface meaning your plants receive a better drink!

To use the Plant Nanny wine bottle stake set all you need to do is dig a hole next to the plant and place the stake in the hole. Then just pop the wine bottle filled with water into the stake and you are ready to go. It’s as simple as that!

Each stake is intended to water a large container plant and can be used anywhere.

Depending on the weather conditions and local environment it will only need to be refilled every few days meaning you can forget about those daily watering chores.

The beauty of having the wine bottle sticking out the top of the stake is the fact you can easily see how much water remains.

This visual clue is really useful to the more forgetful amongst us. I think most of us have at least one plant that we always manage to forget!

Specifications for the Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set

Brand: Plant Nanny
Product Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 4.2 inches
Materials: Terracotta

Features: Set of 4 ceramic stakes, used to recycle wine bottle into plant watering system

5 Pros

  1. Design of stake allows exact amount of water to be released when needed
  2. Water goes straight to roots instead of laying on the surface
  3. Only needs to be refilled every few days
  4. Environmentally friendly way of using old bottles
  5. It can be used in a number of locations – the garden, porch, patio, deck etc.

5 Cons

  1. Stakes are a little fragile meaning some full bottles have managed to break them
  2. If you do not dig deep enough the stake with bottle can topple over
  3. It does not drain that well in tightly packed soil
  4. Not substantial enough to last for long vacations
  5. Many people have been disappointed to discover stakes have been delivered broken

The Plant Nanny watering system is great for the more environmentally conscious and an inventive way of recycling your old wine bottles.

If you are not much of a wine drinker then don’t panic. A 2 litre plastic soda bottle will work equally well.

For anyone on the lookout for a practical way to drip irrigate their plants Plant Nanny offer a simple solution.

With just a terracotta stake and water filled wine bottle you can keep your plants hydrated without having to remember to water them every day. Plus, you now have a great excuse to drink that bottle of wine!

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A great Eco gardening gift - The Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set

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