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Best Garden Seeds Germination Guides

Are you looking for information on the germination of garden seeds from online sources, then look no further.
With seed starting (sowing) and seed germination the important thing to remember is this – There is a wealth of knowledge out there just waiting to be found.

Others have learnt often through trial and error how to germinate seeds and over time many experts have studied and catalogued the germination of seeds.

Whether you are starting seeds indoors or outdoors you should find the information you are looking for in this compiled garden seeds germination link guide.

Flower seeds, vegetable seeds, perennial seeds and tree and shrub seeds, in fact a full range of garden seeds complete with cultural information tips and suggestions for growing your seeds.

General garden seeds germination guide

A very good informative alphabetical list here (multiple pages) very many plant seeds with images.

Including images of seed pod, seeds, seed close up and seedlings. Plus seed germination methods used with some cultural information.

Perennial plants seed germination guide

A substantial list of perennial plants (with some additional varieties) seed germination and cultural notes.

Example: Cortaderia selloana (Pampas Grass)  Surface sow at 22-24ºC (71-75ºF), germination in less than 2 weeks

This expert seed list is split into 3 main alphabetical groups:

  1. A-C
  2. D-N
  3. O-Z

Annual biennial plants seed germination guide

A comprehensive list of annual and biennial plants.

Including cultural notes and seed sowing temperatures and germination information. With some common names nicknames and synonyms.

Expert status.
Example: Gaillardia pulchella (Blanket flower) G. drummondii, G. bicolor,Type= an , , sow in light @ 70 to 75ºF, reduce temps @ night , 15-20d

3 main alphabetical annual biennial groups:

  1. A-D
  2. E-M
  3. N-Z

Tree and Shrub seed germination guide

An A-Z listing of tree and shrub seeds.

Temperate zone species only.

Zone numbers refer to minimum hardiness, if known. Including cultural information, recommended temperature and duration.

Example: Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) zone= 5  seed should be collected from the tree before it dries, then sown directly outdoors for germination the following spring.

Tree and Shrub guide here.

Vegetable seed germination guides

With your vegetable seeds one important thing to remember is the soil temperature as many vegetable seeds are sown outside directly.
Soil temperature is important for successful germination.

Here is a guide giving both optimum soil temperature for germination and the number of days to germinate at optimum soil temperature for a number of popular vegetables.

Here is another list.

It will be possible to see from examining these two reference guides that there is always variation, so treat each as a general guide only and do not completely rely for accuracy on any given information – There are always so many variables.

For those collecting or saving their vegetable seed from year to year this guide gives a basic understanding on vegetable seed viability.

I would like to thank all the website authors, owners and admin listed above for making these valuable seed information resources available.

Seed germination process

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