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Mulch your Garden

What do you need to Mulch your Garden?

garden mulchThis should be the first rule for all gardeners – Make sure you mulch your garden beds and most certainly mulch around your garden plants, especially now in this time of climatic change.

This has just got to be one of the easier on the brain gardening tasks that you ever undertake in your garden.

The problem is, some gardeners seldom even think about doing it.

You might consider purchasing a wood chipper orgarden shredder you can then start producing your own mulch using leaves, small branches, twigs and clippings.

Applying mulch is a great winter job but also easy enough at any time of the year due to the fact that most if not all the required materials are available all year round.

Really, it is not rocket science and a degree in Botany is not required, if you’re in any doubt about the process, check this outThe Mulch Book: A Complete Guide for Gardeners (Down-To-Earth Book)

Why Mulch?

ECO Bales 8816 Western Red Cedar Mulch, 4.5 Cubic Feet are a good mulching option if you want something eco friendly, quick and decorative

Leaves, chipped tree bark, ground up wood waste by-products, spent mushroom compost and horse manure (from the stables) are the most common mulches you will find readily available.

If your not that fortunate to have these at your fingertips then make your mulch from the leaves you rake up (you will need a leaf rake) in the autumn fall, often the best way as well as producing a highly beneficial mulch.

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