Hydrofarm Digital Thermostat

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The Hydrofarm Digital Thermostat for Heat Mats

Many plants require constant temperatures and having to rely on the weather, which can often be temperamental, can mean taking a chance on the results you will achieve.

Heat mats are a great solution to ensuring your plants receive the heat they need. For added convenience and extra reassurance, why not use your heat mats in conjunction with the [easyazon_link asin=”B000NZZG3S” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”thedigitalwor-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”yes”]MTPRTC Digital Thermostat from Hydrofarm.[/easyazon_link]

Although designed as an accessory to the Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats it works with any heat mat. It allows you to keep plants at a constant optimum temperature.

horticultural thermostatThe thermostat ensures heat is evenly distributed across the mat and will control temperature when the environment is warmer or cooler than usual. It can control temperatures from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is easy to use as it simply plugs in with a 3 prong ground plug.

It features an illuminated indictor light and will read out in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference.

The thermostat has a wire hanging from it with white plastic on the end that you place into the soil to get a temperature reading. It only features 3 buttons (SET, up arrow, down arrow) so is not overly complicated to use when setting the desired temperature.

This useful device features a handy suction cup to secure it in place. It can handle up to 1000 watts meaning as long as you do not exceed this you can use it for more than one heating mat.

Specifications for the Hydrofarm Digital Thermostat for Heat Mats

Model Number: MTPRTC
Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 5 inches

Features: Constant optimum temperature, Celsius or Fahrenheit reading, compatible with all heat mats,illuminated indictor light, read out in Celsius or Fahrenheit

5 Pros

  1. Ensures a constant optimum temperature
  2. Easy to read digital read out with illuminated indicator
  3. Works with any heat mat
  4. Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit
  5. Easy to use design

5 Cons

  1. Read out can be lower can actual mat temperature
  2. Temperature range could be larger as does not meet some needs
  3. Lack of instructions
  4. Some people have experienced problems with radio interference
  5. Probe cannot be placed into water

Of course, whilst it is perfect for germination it is not just plants that require temperature control meaning the Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Thermostat can be useful in other capacities.

Many owners of creatures such as snakes, tortoises, lizards and exotic birds as well as home brewers have all benefitted from the temperature control this digital thermostat has to offer.

For those intending to use it for seedlings it makes life so much simpler as you do not have to constantly monitor your mats to make sure they do not over heat.

Just set the thermostat and forget about it; no more seedling babysitting!

With multiple features including an easy to use set up and clear read out give your seeds the best possible start in life with the assistance of the Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Thermostat.

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