Why Organic Gardening Is Better Than Conventional

organicMost people are aware that the organic and conventional foods they buy at their local grocery store are grown differently.
However, most people do not realize that they can apply the same growing principles in their small flower garden at home.
There are a few distinct differences between organic and conventional gardening.
Some of the main distinctions include weed control, approaches to pest control and fertilization.

Also do not forget about the seed source if you are sowing your own seeds.

If you are a simple home gardener, you do not need to put pressure on yourself in regards to the gardening techniques you use. Even though it is possible to combine both organic and conventional gardening methods, most home gardeners recommend that you go with organic gardening.

Organic gardening involves the growing and cultivation of plants without the use of any chemicals or synthetics for pest control, fertilization or weeding. It involves the use of only natural methods and old fashioned manual labor.

The following are some of the reasons as to why organic gardening is much better than conventional gardening.

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  • By its very definition, organic gardening methods are all natural.
  • This means that they do not cause any harm to the soil or waterways.
  • The fertilizer used in organic gardening can actually help to improve the quality of the soil unlike conventional fertilizers, which only give a temporary and artificial burst of nutrients to the plants.
  • Offers better nutrition

Quite a number of studies have shown that organically grown food contains more rich nutrients than conventionally grown foods. This makes organic foods healthier.

Helps you to make monetary savings.

  • Organic gardening is not as expensive as conventional gardening.
  • Organic gardeners do not have to purchase things like store fertilizers, weed killers and pest controls.

Having your own organic garden can help you save on food expenses.
When you grow your own food, it means that you do not need to spend money on expensive store products.
Organic gardeners use compost to fertilize their plants.
This costs them nothing, since they use simple backyard materials like grass clippings and leaves to make the compost.

When it comes to fending off infestations, organic gardeners use all-natural insecticidal soaps, which cost less than $15 at a nursery.
Organic gardeners can also use traditional home made brews that comprise of strong herbs for warding off infestations.

Another low-cost method that organic gardeners use for pest control is planting specific types of flowers in order to encourage insect predators. Planting flowers, which are inviting to insect eating animals, is a smart form of pest control. For weed control, organic gardeners usually do manual weeding.

Absence of chemicals.

Spraying conventional weed killers leads to toxic chemicals getting into the soil. This is a bad thing because plants need soil for nourishment.
Whenever you spray pesticides, they tend to lay on the surface of your fruits and vegetables and in some cases even go deeper.
The best way to avoid such kinds of pesticide exposure is to use organic gardening techniques.
This is why most health organizations support organic gardening. It is the safest form of gardening.

Most gardeners agree that organic gardening is far better and safer when compared to conventional gardening. In addition, organic gardening helps to preserve the earth’s natural integrity.

Image source: vmiramontes

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